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Anonymous said: You didnt finish writing your fanfic save me?

Oh wow, now I’m curious as to who you are! Unfortunately no. I did however, tell someone in soshified back in that fic’s hayday as to how it would end (she forced it out of me lol)

Honestly in my opinion, “Save Me” was pretty much hard to finish. I didn’t have a proof reader and I didn’t have much time in my hands like the other fanfic entries from the YoonSicretives did. Oh and worse! Like a year ago, I did read it again among my files and I myself still found too much stuff to correct.

Should you wish me to finish it, I’d truly consider and just maybe finish it once and for all :)

Where should I post fics nowadays?

Hopefully this post doesn’t just go seen-zoned…..

Anyway, this idea for a fic has been stuck in the back of head for like 2 years now and recently I’ve had an awful lot of free time to write again so I think I’m gonna go for it.

My idea is that of a 19+, not because of sex and lewd stuff but because of the maturity of overall theme and how I’d approach it. (I really think it’s something kids shouldn’t mess around with)

-I won’t post it in soshified, it’d be too chaotic
-Probably not livejournal (heck, if it’s still there) just before I forgot about my account, they suffered a pretty heavy virus attack so, yeah
-Asianfanics? But a lot of stuff there are smuts and… uhm hardcore. Would it be out of place?

So, anybody got options?

snsd9forever said: HI friend. Long time no talk!! I hope everything is going well for you and life is treating you well. I wish you all the luck in the world in achieving all your goals and aspirations. I was just going over my tumblr messages and was sad that I never kept in touch with you. I have been very busy helping out at my parents restaurant, with classes, and now real life work! If you have time to talk, just give me a message. :) We predicted YoonSic before everyone else :D

Oh wow, was this an earlier message? Didn’t see this pop-up in my notifs haha. Anyhow, yeah I felt the same. I even dropped you a message as well. During my hiatus I predicted a decline in followers, apparently I was wrong hahaha. I even got tons more while I was away. Weird right?

But despite that, tumblr did go quiet again. Lots of followers but less than a handful talk to you. :( A lot of people we used to chat with got busy with life I suppose, or leave the fandom… But hey, you’re still here and that’s cool!

Oh right, the restaurant! I hope all is well man. And sure, I’ll message whenever ;)

snsd9forever said: Its been good. Ive read on your tumblr that you just passed an exam to be an architect. Im happy for you man! Currently I am working at a company that does cancer research. I will be getting my masters in september, while still working at the company.

Great to hear from you again and thanks, man! As for me I’m enjoying a few weeks off before I go back to work. Studying for the boards was intense, more than I did so compared to university days.

Oh and your getting your masters, that’s great! I’ll get mine when I finally decide on what field to master. Good luck!